AutoBay – buy, sell and auction cars with cryptocurrency

I live in a country where is very popular to buy used cars. Whether you are a student, looking for first car or someone who is buying a new car because the old one broke down. It is extremely hard when you decide to go on a ''hunt'' for a…

Bitschool: revolutionizing way of learning

Should we even begin talking about school system? Should we even think about this outdated system, system that it is not for children and students living in this time. Yes, it was effective and productive, but when? It was effective twenty…

BCharity: Future of making donations

We are looking upon a new era, as I said before. While searching throughout new platforms, based on Blockchain I have seen it all, platform for social media, platform for fair exchange of different goodies…  But I was missing one thing and…
Bitcoin Cash \/ BCC
Binance Coin
Bitcoin Gold
Bitcoin Private

Sphere: Are we facing digital revolution?

So while we are talking about different cryptocurrencies, I have stumbled upon new one. It’s called Sphere, an idea about the decentralized social network. Where platform respects your privacy, your personal data is just yours and not from someone else. That is something new, something that we can’t see everywhere. Until now we are familiar with…


4 Must Try Co-Op Couch Split Screen PC Games

Looking for some split screen pc games ? Check out our list and quick review on what you can expect from them in this 4 Must Try Co-Op Couch Split Screen PC Games article, enjoy! Oh and we will try to give you some feedback on what to…

Nucleus Co-Op (SplitPlay) PC Splitscreen Tool

Do you love split screen on pc but not all games support it and you wish for some kind of PC Splitscreen Tool ?Your wish is building right here ! The Ultimate PC Splitscreen Tool Nucles Co-Op is a PC Splitscreen Tool for Windows that…

10 Couch Co-Op Split-Screen PC Games

Having some friends at your place tonight or maybe a girlfriend ?Here are 10 brilliant PC games with native Split-Screen PC Games support for you to enjoy.Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced EditionGather your party and…


Custom Firmware For Multiple Vape Devices

Custom Firmware for Multiple Vape E-cig DevicesHave you ever wanted to have more options on your vaping device? Screensavers, 3D Animations, Clock, Advanced Vaping Features... Overall this custom firmware will enhance your vaping…

Check Battery Problem Fix Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3

Check out our Check Battery Problem Fix Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3 guide for you on how to fix your device. Check Battery Problem Fix Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3You'll need the following items:Screwdriver ( Plus variant from rda\rdta…

How To Make Profit In Cryptocurrencies?

Hello guys, so in this article we are going to get to cover cryptocurrencies. How to invest, what is there to be careful about and what to do when it comes down to cryptocrisis, so we won’t make sad faces in the future. First things first,…

2017 Philips 7181 \ 7101 UHD HDR

First i welcome you to watch a video of Philips 7181.Video will cover: - Unboxing - Assembly of the Philips 7181 stand - Start up process of the Philips 7181 - 4K Picture Quality - And morePhilips 7181 Specification…

Ceramic Coil – Is It Safe For Vaping?

Ceramic Coil - Is It Safe For Vaping? Customers have asked why Uwell doesn’t makes ceramic coils since the ceramic coil has a longer life compared with the Crown 2 coil and some ceramic coils even have better taste. The article followed…