2017 Philips 7181 \ 7101 UHD HDR

First i welcome you to watch a video of Philips 7181.

Video will cover:
– Unboxing
– Assembly of the Philips 7181 stand
– Start up process of the Philips 7181
– 4K Picture Quality
– And more

Philips 7181 Specification

Philips 7181
Panel Type: IPS
Panel Bit-Depth: 8 Bits
Backlight: Edge-LED
Brightness: 400cd/m²
Max Resolution\Refresh\Chroma subsampling: 3840×2160 \ 60hz \ 4:4:4
HDR Max Resolution\Refresh\Chroma subsampling: 3840×2160 \ 60hz \ 4:2:2
DCI P3 Colorspace coverage: 93%
Input Lag: 36ms
Horizontal\Vertical viewing angle: 178\178 degrees
Internal Storage: 16gb
Android Version: 7.1.2
CPU Cores: Quad Core
Power Consumption: 95w
Speaker RMS: 45W DTS Premium Sound
Ambilight: 3 Side
Micro Dimming Pro
Ultra Resolution
Perfect Natural Motion
HDR Plus


Philips 2017 Model

Philips unique Ambilight technology makes your screen much wider—and your viewing experience more immersive—by emitting an extra wide glow from three-sides of your TV screen onto the surrounding walls. Colour, vibrancy and excitement move beyond the screen and into your living room to bring you a viewing experience beyond the ordinary.









Powerful sound from an amazingly slim TV

Philips 7181

A truly slim TV design with powerful sound. It’s a concept that’s unheard of, until now. To make this possible, Philips re-imagined everything. They removed the front grille for completely unobstructed sound with incredible clarity. To protect the speakers, They’ve re-invented them with durable materials and a powerful neodymium magnet. Double and triple rings were then added to a strategically placed backfiring subwoofer for strong, rich bass.









Picture Quality

Philips 2017 new

The picture quality is really just perfect on Philips 7181, from colors to deep black for this price range i really don’t know if it can get any better but let the pictures speak for themselves.

To get the full resolution picture please click on the image
and then on the philips 7181 to expand – press esc to exit the fullscreen

philips 7181

new philips

gaming tv 2017

Thoughts on Philips 7181

Simply you can’t find an eled tv in this price range that will offer what 7181 does. The build quality of the whole tv is really luxurious, minimalistic style and metal touch is just pure eye candy in any home\room and let’s not forget that 7181 also comes with it’s own soundbar(mounted) and subwoofer resulting in 45W RMS sound enjoyment. I still need speakers though but for a slim tv the sound really isn’t that bad.

Philips 7181 HDR

You might notice that 7181 also supports HDR Plus and i played a lot with it BUT eventually gave up on HDR mode as nothing seemed right on this model. After a little research i found out that this tv isn’t really HDR and boy what a bummer. The problem is that the measured peak brightness of 268 nits and 8-bit display is no go for HDR content.Anyway when tested HDR in 4k 60hz i wasn’t able to go above 4:2:2 Chroma subsampling and this is clearly a limitation of hdmi 2.0 so in the end even if you get a tv which has 10bit display and better peak brightness you still would be stuck on 4:2:2 in 4K at 60hz. With that in mind i’m in no hurry getting a new TV just to get “Full HDR”(4:2:2)(which i wouldn’t even use) experience unless it has display port or something faster than HDMI 2.0 as i take 4:4:4 Chroma subsampling anyday over HDR.

Philips 7181 Overall

is philips good

Overall Philips 7181 has a very bright screen when not using HDR mode in fact so bright i’m only using 60% of back light in daylight and it is brighter than other 4K tv’s i’ve seen out there. Philips 7181 is offering you jaw dropping picture quality in 4K ( 60Hz 4:4:4 ) with only 36ms input lag and three sided Ambilight which is just nice when i’m working late in night as well playing games and watching movies. I’m currently using it as main PC monitor and i’m very satisfied with it and still every time i boot up a game in 4K i’m like dear mother of pixels what sorcery is this…So big yet so crystal clear that you can literally play a game 2 foot (60cm) away from the screen and you won’t see a pixel!
Coming from very problematic Philips PUS7909 to Philips 7181 which offered rock stable operation till the latest update. Now the TV turns on by itself and also hangs here and there, huh.. but still compared to problems i was used to seeing with PUS7909…Worthy mention is that PUS7909 came out in 2014 and is still getting new updates which is really nice that Philips still care for it’s “outdated” older products.

NEW UPDATE: On October 10/2017 the Philips 7181 got the update to Android 7.1.2 based software and after some testing it is safe to say that is very responsive and stable. Good work Philips ! 

Anyway the 7101\7181 is now outdated model but still a perfect choice if you’re on budget like me and trying to get the best for your money.

The new model is PUS7502/12 and has few interesting improvements as P5 Perfect Picture and HDR Premium

The new Philips P5 proprietary picture quality engine digitally optimises everything you view by state-of-the-art algorithm. Thanks to a dramatically increased processing power of the P5 engine, an overall 50% picture quality performance gain is achieved. Now you’ll enjoy the deepest blacks and the brightest whites, the most vivid, brilliant colours and natural, lifelike skin tones. And our most fluid, razor-sharp pictures with incredible detail and depth, in sport, movie or any other genres – every time and from any source.

Would love to see Philips 7502 in action as i own 7181 for a year now and i’m still satisfied.

Other interesting products by Philips

If you’re by any chance in for Oled TV take a look at Phlips 55POS901F/12 as it’s getting some really positive feedbacks but then again i think the their new Oled with P5 engine might be just around the corner.

For HDR lovers i would recommend Philips 55PUS8602/05 which already has P5 Engine and a massive Brightness of  700  cd/m²

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