4 Must Try Co-Op Couch Split Screen PC Games


Looking for some split screen pc games ? Check out our list and quick review on what you can expect from them in this 4 Must Try Co-Op Couch Split Screen PC Games article, enjoy! Oh and we will try to give you some feedback on what to expect from game without spoiling much. All the links provided will direct you to game’s steam store page for more info.


4 Must Try Co-Op Couch Split Screen PC Games



Rampage Knights

Ever heard of ass potion or the legend about a carrot that is harder than rock? If not then you probably didn’t try Rampage Knights yet. If you like RPG games this one might be fun to try and it’s even more fun if you got some friends over.4 Must Try Co-Op Couch Split Screen PC Games

“Mini games in Rampage Knights are very fun when you have low hp”

Rampage Knights will throw good humor at you and even some interesting moments like mini-games which can have consequence if you fail.It’s developers Rake in Grass did a fine job at item drops and levels which are randomly generated.

Split screen games

Rampage Knights can be found on steam HERE and at the time of writing you’ll need to drop that 12€ to enjoy it… Is it worth it? Well yea if you enjoy split screen games on pc this one can keep you and your friends “hot” for about 10 hours if not more.



Neon Chrome

Do you ever find yourself wondering if somewhere out there is a intense top down shooter where you can blast your way trough walls,hordes of super soldiers and robots with your friends?

4 Must Try Co-Op Couch Split Screen PC Games

“Better oil your thumb sticks and put some protection on your controller as it may fly”

But don’t expect this to be just mindless spray n pray game as you will have to talk to your couch buddy on how to tactically approach some situations, same goes for augmentation upgrades found in levels, if they won’t be split evenly one player will be much or less bite it’s nails trough levels.

Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome has some rpg element to it as the game will throw at you many different weapons,augmentations,credits which you will use to improve your overall skills,perfectly random generated levels and a minimum of 20 hour fun with your couch friends.In case you have larger couch this game supports 4 players on the same screen, for more info on Neon Chrome can be found HERE




If your childhood revolved around 8-bit games you would know that you really don’t need ray tracing in order to get that magical feeling when playing a game, magical feeling is created with game-play and that is what Crawl will do.

Split Screen PC Games

“Hope you have big comfy couch for this one”

In crawl you can be a dragon,lich,rat,hero,trap,a barrel and many other different things or monsters… and yes you will be able to level up the monsters, and yes there is a shop where you can buy your hero a new sword or that shiny ring.

Crawl 2

But wait there is a catch, only one player can be a hero at the time, so in order to buy yourself a new sword and that ring you’ve been wanting you’ll need to defeat the hero in order to become one but don’t you worry, other three players will have many monsters at disposal or traps…or a barrel in order to slay the hero. For more info you can check this it’s Steam page here. You’ll be getting a minimum of 10 hours of super fun time.



Human Fall Flat

Want a break from fast paced action games? Well this is the game where you can mess around with your friends and solve various puzzles to proceed to next levels and i’m sure you gonna have a good time solving those puzzles as physics are just hilarious in Human Fall Flat.

Couch Split Screen PC Games

“Interestingly fun physics puzzle game where you will forget about moving on and just screw around with your couch buddies”

There is not always just one way to solve the puzzle and move on, but many and you will have to be a little stubborn for some, also many objects you’ll find are fun to play with, but whether were they placed there just for fun or to help you with puzzle that’s the magic you’re gonna uncover with your couch friends.

Human Fall Flat 2

The fist levels will go easy on you, later you’ll get to larger levels with more interesting stuff to do. Expect about 10 hours of gameplay, if you would like to learn more about the game you can do so HERE


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