Akaiito – Use Cryptocurrency in everyday life, to pay for real things

Here we are again, to talk about different cryptocurrencies that I stumble upon. Recently I discovered a new one, named Akaiito for purpose of using cryptocurrency in our every day life. We are going to review what is so good about this one. Starting with for which purpose it was created and so much more.

AKAIITO – use cryptocurrency in Your everyday life

So as the time flows by, people flows with it and it is understandable that demands will change, too. We started to look for decentralized systems, that work in the opposite way systems, we are used to.

It’s new era, era of cryptocurrency. If we look at the numbers of just a year ago, we can see that the total value of cryptocurrencies is around 18 billion of US dollars. Numbers are still drasticlly rising, and with it, it’s rising the demand for spending cryptocurrency in real life.

Akaiito has found an solution to a question, how can we spend cryptocurrencies in our real life. They just wanted to answer questions like, how can i…

  • rent an apartment with cryptocurrency,
  • pay for different services and for help of specialist with cryptocurrency,
  • just pay for the goods with cryptocurrency…

AKAIITO – powerfull platform based on blockchain system

Akaiito will have a main platform, where could people buy all goods with cryptocurrencies. Akaiito’s market place will have some features for better user experience:

  • Process: Sellers will present their own merchandise and the buyers will be able to make a purchase with cryptocurrency (AIC).
  • Taxation: Taxation of every purchase will happen based on users legislation location,
  • Goods: Goods will be devided in different kinds of categories for an easier find,
  • Price: Price will be fixed as soon as the buyer will pay for goods.
  • Reviews,
  • Strict policy


You can also read about it on their official webpage: https://akaiito.io/home/

Beside of selling and buying, which is will be based on making smart contracts with buyers and sellers, Akaiito is also offering some of other different interesting services, which will be payable with cryptocurrency.

Source: https://akaiito.io/home/

Online Car Rent

This feature will be extremely useful for those, who are travelling in different countries and looking for a car rental. Like every other thing car rental’s price will be fixed as soon renter will agree to rent. And like renter, so can the lessor will be able to influence on each other reputation by reviewing an experience they will have with certain lessor or renter.

Source: https://akaiito.io/home/

Online apartment rent

Like car rental, ther online apartment rental will be also very convenient for travellers looking for a place to stay. User of online apartment rent will be able to review lessor service or the other way around.

Source: https://akaiito.io/home/

Technologies behind of Akaiito

  • Certificate of safety – grants encryption between server and browser,
  • Smart Contract – you can read all about it here: https://github.com/AkaiitoOfficial/AKAIITO
  • P2P – With P2P are respecting rights and establishing communication
  • Decentralization,
  • Mobile availability – Akkaito will offer an application for smartphones, as well. So the services could be reachable in every moment of the day.

Akaiito – AIC Tokens


You can also follow their progress on social media:

We all know what to do with ”old” money, because cryptocurency is basically waiting in our ”pockets” to be spend. We have to teach ourselves how climb the stairs a bit higher to use our money more efficiently and how to use resources for a better life.

Source: https://akaiito.io/home/







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