Bitschool: revolutionizing way of learning

Should we even begin talking about school system? Should we even think about this outdated system, system that it is not for children and students living in this time. Yes, it was effective and productive, but when? It was effective twenty years ago. It is a real sadness looking upon school system, which therefore has not renovated in a purpose of how the world is changing, how technology keeps on progressing. I think, I am not the only one who is thinking about that and I am happy to see, that in a matter of affect, I am obviously, not. Because there is a group of people who took education on the next level. Group of people who upgraded education on the blockchain level. Platform, based on the Blockchain technology goes by the name Bitschool.


Bitschool, revolutionizing way of learning

With help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Location-Based Technology and Blockchain, Bitschool platform, claims to revolutionize learning.

There is existing problem with studying, with a mass of students there is simply not enough of time to dedicate enough attention to every one of them. Because of that, it comes to problems with different subjects, which students are hoping that tutors will help them resolve, by giving private lessons. But even if the tutors know all about the topic of this particular problem, they do not really know the students and that is where Artificial Intelligence, jumps in. With a help of Artificial Intelligence, it will be possible for teachers and tutors to create personalized learning scheme of certain topics, subjects. Other than that, it will be also possible throughout the years to teach neural network for automated markings of different exams.


Blockchain based platform

And as I have mentioned before Bitschool’s platform is going to be based on Blockchain, which means that all of transactions will be made throughout Blockchain. But since there is a lot of people, who do not have trust in Tokens, there is also going to be option for cash-based payments.

Above all, is really great to know that every student will have an opportunity to use Bitschool’s platform, regardless a bad social position.

Bidding for a price of tutoring

Bidding mechanism will be managed, defined, and consistently refined by BitSchool itself. System will be used for only one purpose, purpose of making payments for tutoring aid. Students will be able to name their biggest price which they are willing to pay for tutoring. Also, inside this system it will additionally be possible to review tutor’s services, give them rating and besides that, students will have a possibility to look into tutor’s background, etc…

Information about token sale

  • Total Token supply: 400,000,000 Tokens
    • Max Cap (Max Public Funding Target): 300,000,000 Tokens
    • Min Cap (Min Public Funding Target): 4,000,000 Tokens
    • Token Name: BitSchool Token (BSCH)
    • Token exchange rate: 1ETH=6000 Token
    • Funding coins: ETH
    • Minimum purchase: 0.01ETH

Token Distribution


Token Sale Timetable


  • Token supply: Tier 1 – 4,000,000 Tokens (1% of total supply), Tier 2 – 140,000,000 Tokens (35% of total supply)
  • Presale bonus: 35% of Token purchase amount
  • Presale schedule: 19 Mar. 2018 09:00 (GMT) ~ 16 Apr. 2018 09:00 (GMT)


  • Token supply: 160,000,000 Tokens Crowdsale bonus plan:
  • 1st week (5/14 09:00 GMT ~ 5/21 09:00 GMT) 15% of Token purchase amount
  • 2nd week (5/21 09:00 GMT ~ 5/28 09:00 GMT) 10% of Token purchase amount
  • 3rd week (5/28 09:00 GMT ~ 6/4 09:00 GMT) 5% of Token purchase amount
  • 4th week (6/4 09:00 GMT ~ 6/11 09:00 GMT) 5% of Token Purchase amount
  • Crowdsale schedule: 14 May 2018 09:00 (GMT) ~ 11 Jun. 2018 09:00 (GMT)

Public Fund Distribution

This article was made in effort to get to know you a little better with new revolutionizing things, such as Bitschool is, all of my words are based on information, which is provided by Bitschools’ webpage and my opinon about how I think learning and teaching should change. You can take a look into their whitepaper, as well as their webpage:

Here is also link to my profile on Bitcointalk:


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