Cheap Touchscreen Vape Device: Joyetech Cuboid Pro


Do you have that upgrade itch or just entering the vaping world and want to get in with style, check out this cheap touchscreen vape Device named Joyetech Cuboid Pro. But as we all know style and looks aren’t everything the vape device also has to be resistant to user error as drops and heavy leaking can happen to anyone.

Before we dive in let me clear the air that i’m in no way sponsored by Joyetech.

Below you will find my honest opinion about this device and the link where you can get Joyetech Cuboid Pro cheaply as possible.

Joyetech Cuboid Pro


Cheap Touchscreen Vape Device: Joyetech Cuboid Pro

Design Of Joyetech Cuboid Pro

On the picture above you can see that Joyetech Cuboid Pro has this minimal luxury look. Everything form shape to text is well thought to look good. Will it look this good when used for about 5 months ?

Yes! The materials used on Joyetech Cuboid Pro are high quality. As i’ve tested plenty of other mods and all of them looked wrecked in about 4 months of use. Joyetech Cuboid Pro is different as it’s looks will last.

Even when Joyetech Cuboid Pro have been dropped on rocky surface the scratch on it was barely seen. This is why i think that Joyetech Cuboid Pro is a great vape device for all newcomers into world of vaping and also for those who don’t want to babysit the vape device.

Joyetech Cuboid Pro has one of those battery hatches which are prone to fail on many devices, But Joyetech have made it hard to break. I’ve really abused those doors just to see how good they are, i’m still vaping on it so…

Cheap Joyetech Cuboid Pro


Functions Of Joyetech Cuboid Pro

This is where Joyetech Cuboid Pro may not shine, don’t get me wrong it has function as pedometer and option for colorful wallpapers and above all touchscreen, but if you’re the person which enjoys temperature controls the Joyetech Cuboid Pro may disappoint you as it has trouble reading correct value of ohm’s therefor poor temperature control.

I’ve tried countless builds on the Joyetech Cuboid Pro and all of them had trouble with temperature control, but hey if you’re like me and classical power watt vaping is your thing then you got nothing to worry about as watt mode works flawlessly without any drop outs like unexplained atomizer shorts or whatnot. The 510 pin on Joyetech Cuboid Pro is also one of the best i’ve seen on vape devices.

The touchscreen may be little “uncalibrated” in matter of reading finger precision but you get used to it. I rather live with that than a vape device which paint starts to crack and peel off.

The interesting thing on Joyetech Cuboid Pro is that it has 2 fire buttons. You will have the choice to use the “Tap” Fire button or the analog one. I’ve got to say i’ve disabled the TAP fire button on the day one as i just don’t like it that much but maybe some of you will love it.

Cheap Touchscreen Vape Device: Joyetech Cuboid Pro


Overall thoughts on Joyetech Cuboid Pro

Considering you won’t miss temperature control the Joyetech Cuboid Pro will serve you countless of big vapor clouds with its durable stylish design.

The durability and the price of this device has surprised me so much i’ve bought this mod for my clumsy friends and they just love it.

Where to buy Joyetech Cuboid Pro ?

I bought this device for 24,56€ ( 27,75$ ) from JOYETECH World Store on AliExpress (Click will open the store)

Currently is selling for 30€ ( 33.90$ ) but they will have discounts so keep checking the link above.

Again i’m not sponsored by Joyetech nor AliExpress i’m just sharing the information on how to get good cheap touchscreen vape device: Joyetech Cuboid Pro


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