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Have you heard about cryptocurrency Kin, which was first traded on 12th of September, 2017?

Kin is a digital currency created by the team behind Kik messenger. Kik messenger has about 300 million registered users. Which cryptocurreny has this kind of head-start? …Let’s think about it, for a second.

Cryptocurrency Kin

SOURCE: Medium / Kin foundation

With cryptocurrency Kin, they are hoping to build something different…

They are talking about building digital sharing economy of equal opportunities.

Knowing that in today’s times is still not easy to buy and use cryptocurrencies. They have set the goal to introduce cryptocurrency Kin to as many people as possible. The most interesting thing about their goals is that if they want to Kin operate as a currency, therefore people will have to use it as a currency.

I’m thinking that Kin could be the next payment method, right after Bitcoin. With it, we could also do little transactions, like on example, buy a coffee at Starbuck’s or just simply pay for the pizza.

Transparency is a key to success, they say…

What is good about Kin, is that the company Kik is trying very hard to be as transparent as they can be in crypto world.

There are many varieties of other coins, that are transparent as much as cryptocurrency Kin is, but with most other coins we can see wide gap between what they are describing in white paper – ‘sugar, spice and everything nice’, and what they actually did for realization of their vision.

In Kin foundations whitepaper we can learn all about their vision of cryptocurrency Kin. It seems like they are working hard to make that vision come true, with three teams working on Standalone Wallet, Kin Ecosystem and Kin Blockchain.

As we are already talking about realization of their vision…

They have also published information on the Kin Standalone App. With this application, they also want to simplify user crypto experience, in which everyone can become holders of cryptocurrency Kin.

They are quietly building this big ecosystem, where people could earn Kin currency for their talent provided through their phone.

Cryptocurrency Kin

SOURCE: Medium / Kin foundation

What i like the most about Kin Standalone Application idea, is that they are trying to simplify it for all kinds of users, especially for those who doesn’t have a deep understanding in blockchain. The app is going to have secured wallet service and entry point to the ecosystem, therefore every user will have an opportunity to discover digital services or provide their own.

As they say on their webpage, we are at very beginning of a long enjoyable journey…

Current real time price of Cryptocurrency Kin

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