Equal health care for everyone – Docademic platform, MTC token

Imagine the world, where could medical attention be accessible to all the people around the globe. Issues around  expensive health care are therefore escalating on daily bases. What if I tell you there exists a platform which is, already used by thousands of people in 20 different countries. Do you wonder about its name? It’s called Docademic Platform.

docademic platformSource: Docademic platform, https://ico.docademic.com

Docademic Platform – an existing chance to make the world a better place

They want to fight this problem we are having, where not all of the people can afford medical attention. In some parts of our community, medical attention is not even really a possibility when it comes to health issues. That is why I support them with all of my heart. Because there is finally something, that not only the privileged ones could have. It is an application, a new way of helping people all around the world, with giving proper health care that is by my opinion a right of every human being.

Docademic application

Application has technologies aided by artificial intelligence and not only that, therefore they are soon going to have enabled their block-chain. Block-chain will contribute to help securing all kinds of personal information on patients. It is opportunity where a lot of people could receive help from block-chain technology with usage in health-care.

docademic platform

Source: Docademic platform, https://ico.docademic.com

You can also take a look at application which is available on Google play and App store:

 For iOS platform: https://itunes.apple.com/mx/app/docademic/id1242459051?l=en&mt=8,

For Android platform: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sidrese.docademic.

For the doctors, they will provide proper ongoing medical education and access to tools they use in everyday practice. But not only that, doctors are going to have access to social network, which could also provide to them real-time geographic epidemiological data reporting and with artificial intelligence driven automated treatment, plus suggestions on diagnoses for doctors who is working on private and to those working in institutions.

Medical token currency – MTC

They are creating environment for Healthcare services, that are build on blockchain technology, powered with Medical token currency.

docademic platform

Source: Docademic platform, https://ico.docademic.com

MLC specification

docademic platform

Source: Docademic platform, https://ico.docademic.com


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