Does Docademic platform have a bright future ahead?


You may not believe me, but I have some great news about health-care. Everyone has a right to be properly treated when it comes to health issues, unfortunately that is not the case in our modern health-care service, since there is so many people, who can’t afford proper health-care. This is one of the main reasons I’m so excited about Docademic platform, project which provides free basic health-care to people.

How does Docademic platform provide free basic health-care?

Their project is based on block-chain technology. Earlier this month, as on 1st of July they have released application, which provides free basic health-care for people. It’s available on Play-store and as well is available on i Tunes too.

You can download application here:


Application consists of two main services:

  • Internal AI diagnosis – Artificial intelligence, trained by their doctors, will optimize diagnosis of a patient’s symptoms.
  • External Aggregated Medical Doctor Diagnosis – Real time talk with doctor will provide to patient all information’s about treatment, medication and health-care providers.

I wouldn’t believe this, until one day, not so long time ago… I have stumbled upon John McAfee’s twitter profile, where I learnt about his misfortune. While he was enjoying, somebody poisoned him and when he started to feel unpleasant things, he pushed Docademic button, on which the doctor immediately urged him to call medivac.

Does Docademic, by my opinion, stares into a bright future?

By my opinion, yes. As far I understand this, everyone who will be in the need of health-care advice, will be provided with one. Docademic is sincerely something we need and it certainly is a progress in the matter of medicine. This platform should be supported by so much people, so it could maximize its purpose, world widely.

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