Have you heard about Ellaism yet?

We are going to talk about coin, whose total supply is limited to 280 million and users will obtain full control of the virtual coins. Do you already know about which coin we are talking about? … It’s Ellaism we are talking about.

What is Ellaism?

Ellaism is community-driven coin with no pre-mine. It’s Ethereum-like network without dev fees. It’s also an Open-Source, which means that source code should be always open to read, modify, copy and share. This coin wants to build a present with no currency inflation, also with avoiding hard forks.


The Platform of Ellaism coin

Their platform is very similar with Ethereum platform, but it doesn’t have pre-mining option, ICO launch or any of development fees. Its platfom breaths with an help of donations. They promised to have complete financial transparency, so you know exactly where your donations are sent.

Can you mine Ellaism?

Sure, Ellaism uses ethash proof of work algorithem, which is also used in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic So if you have ever mined Ethereum before, minning Ellaism will give you the same hash-rate.

For mining you can use Dev Mining Pool, or you can find different mining pools on their official webpage.

Can you mine Ellasim with 4gb GPU?

Of course you can mine Ellaism with 4gb GPU, since you can’t, on the other hand mine Ethereum.

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