How To Update Wismec Reuleaux RX 2\3 – Firmware Download

Here we gonna learn how to update Wismec Reuleaux RX 2\3 with the newest firmware, we can get all the cool features like pre-heat coil and other improvements.

Extraction of data needed if you’re on Windows xp or any other OS that does not have extraction software pre-installed please use 7zip. Note: Windows 10,8,7 have pre-installed extraction software

(Download 7zip (32-bit)(64-bit)) Note: If you’re not sure which version to download just use the 32-bit one


Update Wismec


Firmware Download V4.13

update wismec
update wismec


Firmware Update Changelog

Maximum output power upgraded to 250W, custom logo and preheat function available

Firmware Update Instructions:

Once you have the tool you’ve downloaded for your OS you can connect your RX 2/3 to your computer via micro usb cable.
update wismec
– Unzip the Downloaded file (Right Click on the file and extract all if you’re using Windows 7, 8 or 10.(In other case use 7zip provided above))


– Run the file (Update Wismec) found inside folder as administrator. (Right click on Update Wismec and select run as administrator)


– If your device is properly connected you will see the information of your device.


– Now click on the update button and select the Reuleaux_RX23_V4.13.bin file, press open and the magic will happen.


– Congratulations you’re done, enjoy all the sweet improvements !
Now here comes the part on how to use the new functions on your updated Rx 2\3 Mod
Preheat Function
The following instruction is applicable to Wismec Reuleaux RX 2 \ 3, Reuleaux RX200S and Reuleaux RX75.
The newly added preheat function allows the device to heat up the coil quickly at a higher wattage, which is especially obvious when using with an RDA, RBA, RTA and so on.
It can also prolong the coil’s life and produce a better flavor.
How to use:
1. Long press the fire button and right regulatory button simultaneously to enter the menu.
2. Press the right regulatory button 2 times to enter the preheat setting menu.
3. Press the fire button to switch between preheat power and preheat duration.
4. Press the left or right regulatory button to decrease or increase the parameter.
5. Long press the fire button to confirm.
Kick back, Relax and Vape on !

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