OPU – Platform which has an answer to your skin problems


Let’s suppose you’re having problems with skin and the first thing that will probably fall onto your mind is to look for solutions on Internet. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s year 2018… But then again, when you think about it, sometimes, yes, there are some useful information’s. Since there is so many skin types, nuances it’s almost impossible to find perfect solution for some unique specific problem, therefore, a team of specialists in their field from OPU Labs, developed something interesting ⇒ https://ico.opu.ai. They are developing trust-based on-line platform, for improving the use of dermatological data for individuals – OPU, Tokenizing Skincare intelligence.

OPU – Platform which has an answer to your skin problems

With help of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Image Analysis, big data system, they are leaning towards creating platforms for improving dermatological data, which will be available to everyone.

Their solution consists of five main features for improving dermatological aid provided to individuals and professionals:

  • Artificial Intelligence – technology which will analyze, compare and recommend solutions for treatment skin problems.
  • Search – platform for searching treatment information’s,
  • Coin – their native crypto coins, which will be used in marketplace or in OPU loyalty programs,
  • Connect – Service for product testing,
  • CRM – a customer support.

With a use of Ethereum Blockchain, they will ensure security, privacy and of course decentralized, transparent data sharing. ⇒  https://ico.opu.ai/#technosec


What can we expect from OPU?

We can surely expect platform, which will provide skin analysis with an help of Artificial Intelligence technology.  Whichever will be available as:

  • Mobile application,
  • Browser application for devices with an Internet access.

But for more detailed description of what OPU platforms really are, go and follow them on medium: https://medium.com/opu-labs.

OPU’S ICO and Token Distribution

Initial Coin Offering

The Opu Coin crowdsale will consist of six different stages:

> Private Sale (part of Pre-ICO pool)

– 100% bonus: 05 March 2018

> Pre-ICO

– 66.7% bonus: 26 June 2018

– 42.9% bonus: 29 June 2018

– 25.0% bonus: 02 July 2018

– 11.1% bonus: 05 July 2018

– The Main Event: 17 July 2018

Token distribution

  • 12 billion Opu coins – total supply,
  • 8 billion coins (74%) – Opu Wallets (The “Growth Reserve”)
  • 660 million coins (5.5%) – ICO, the “ICO Tokens”
  • 120 million coins (1%) – Opu Rewards during the ICO period
  • 480 million coins (4%) – Partners
  • 600 million coins (5%) – cold storage with a 2 year lock
  • 26 billion coins (10.5%) – current and future Team

Bitcointalk user name: Annaop9, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1844751;sa=summary.

ETH Adress: 0xF56a0d316fEAf37ac374F380fF865cEe301c5e96

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