Sphere: Are we facing digital revolution?

So while we are talking about different cryptocurrencies, I have stumbled upon new one. It’s called Sphere, an idea about the decentralized social network. Where platform respects your privacy, your personal data is just yours and not from someone else. That is something new, something that we can’t see everywhere. Until now we are familiar with all kinds of social networks, but all of them is collecting our likings, where we are, what do we do and the most horrible one is that someone is every day getting richer because we provided them our information. It is so sad, that when we are discovering new people, people we can work with, people who can we connect with, there is always someone in the background, who collects data and makes profit, just because we use that platform.

Some companies do even have a full license to use our content, isn’t that a little scary?

Sphere – decentralized social network

On their webpage, they are talking about some digital revolution, which can take down every system that is corrupted and greedy. This is good, social media is in fact a good thing for us, we can find people from all over this world and connect with them, we can share personal interests that are similar to the ones we connect with.

So just imagine that there we can find a place on the internet where you can securely and safely, connect with everyone you know.

When we look at the bigger picture, this is what they are trying to build with Sphere, and so much more. Follow me, just to get familiar with the things that are happening in order to secure our privacy as well as how can we contribute to it.

Source: Sphere, https://sphere.social/

Something bigger than just a social network

They released a new form of cryptocurrency, named SAT – Social Activity Tokens.

These tokens are going to serve for commercial purposes, such as reaching more people, therefore targeting larger audience. They decided the market needs to change after all these years. There must be new way to connect with all the potential costumers. I think they have a right answer to this question. When we put our product on the market, we usually ask ourselves, how can we contribute to society with our product or service. That is where marketing takes its place, but there comes the problem, all of the methods are just simply too old and we simply cannot reach enough people with it. We are just wasting all of our money, on what? Some outdated strategy that leaves us where?

I think there is a problem with aggressive advertisement, which lead people to simply avoid it.

What Sphere is trying to do here and what is the main problem?

First things first, it is truly superb only to see this kind of problem which is growing bigger and bigger, with every new user on the centralized social network.

Companies keeps on advertising with a help of third parties, and targeted consumers does not care about all of these multiple paid ads. The first and the only winner in this story is that one, who charged this company enormous amounts of money, so they could reach costumers. There does not exist win – win situation, neither for company nor for costumers.

In order to this problem they have come up with the wonderful idea, what if we allow businesses to target consumers? They have bulid a system where can both of the parties, costumers and companies could benefit from it.

Where can, after a long time of using social media, for the first time, costumers get their privacy back, without an existing threat that their data is going to be selling in a matter for better advertisement targeting.

And where can companies target real people, with a real desire for their products or service, without spending all of their funds on marketing.

You can take a look in to application:

  • If you are using iOS platform, you can get your application here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sphere/id1286518526?ls=1&mt=8
  • If you are using Android platform, you can get your application here: 8https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sphere.social


Source: Sphere, https://sphere.social/

Opportunity of bringing the future into our hands

As customers, we should care about privacy and protecting our data. We should demand to get control over our privacy and profit. And that is what, Sphere is offering us. They are looking forward to right the wrongs which various kinds of platforms have made. They are ready to disrupt the old system, when willing, creating a new one. A system that is going to seek transparency and diverse kinds of open methods for doing business.

In Europe we are already facing some policies, in order to limit usage of personal information for purposes of advertising and in order to start respecting the privacy of every user on world wide web. But with no help of people and with people not knowing about their rights, this road could be a lot harder to walk on.

New effective and innovative model

With years and years using the same outdated model for marketing. A model that shows there is no efficiency of it and it is about time to make some changes and with that I most certainly agree. The new era has come, that I named it as an era of Block-chain.

What Sphere offers to companies who wants to advertise?

  • Common environment, where can both big and small business directly reach their targets,
  • Value of gave data is not determined by views of clicks,
  • What really matters is actionable effect each company has on the conversation.

What is Social Activity Token (SAT) and what can we do with it?

  • Consumers will use tokens on innovative program.
  • Tokens are going to be used throughout the system to ease transactions.
  • Tokens are made in a way where everything is secure and transparent.
  • SAT is digital currency designed to be used within Sphere.
  • Sphere’s market-place will allow followers and friends to buy products with SAT, created by users.
  • SAT will be also tradable on several exchanges.

How is the AD PLATFORM going to work?

  • You will be able to crate ad pieces, which are going to be displayed in Sphere news feed.
  • You will pay for you advertising with SAT currency.


Source: Sphere, https://sphere.social/

Sphere Social plan is aiming to…

give people freedom to decide, whether they are going to sell their data or not.
Without holding personal data on unanimously and indiscriminately way, Sphere is going to allow data sharing system which will be positive for users and advertisers, which are going to be able to place a product on Market place in give user’s issuance of goods and services.

Promising market anticipation…

Last but not least, while reading their white paper I have stumbled upon their market anticipation. They have observed their users when testing shops – creating, customizing, submitting and deleting item. In period from 22 October 2017 to 30 January 2018, they had over 45 thousand users on Sphere Social app:

  • Number of Users: 45,027
  • Number Blogs: 1273
  • Number of Photos: 27,326
  • Number of Videos: 606
  • Number of Discussion Topics: 250
  • Number of Groups: 384
  • Number of Events: 21
  • Number of Currently Submitted Stores: 70.

All information in this article, I have collected on their webpage.. 

…where can you also join their bounty program:

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