Wismec Ravage 230 Fire Button Fix

Wismec Ravage 230 Fire button

Wismec Ravage 230 has a very good chip inside and a nice display for the given price, but the same can’t be said for it’s fire button or paint job so today i’m going to share some information with you on how to get correct smd button model for your Wismec Ravage 230,where to buy it and how to install it.

Wismec Ravage 230 Fire Button Model

Wismec Ravage 230 Fire Button Fix

In order to fix your fire button or to get that click back you will have to buy new smd buttons, don’t worry they are very cheap, but as the cheap goes you might find few of them not last long as original didn’t.

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The right models can be found at the following link: SMD Buttons (Aliexpress)

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If you want you can also go and visit local shops, the dimensions you need are 
Length: 6mm Width: 6mm and Height 3.1mm – 3.5mm – micro momentary button switch

Once you’ve acquired the correct button you can see this short video on how to install it.  Further down you will also find the video on disassembly\ assembly.

Wismec Ravage 230 Fire Button Fix Video


Wismec Ravage 230 Disassembly \ Assembly


Check how Wismec Ravage 230 looks after six months of use: https://www.judgecloud.net/wismec-ravage-230-issues/

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  1. Tom says

    Thanks for the disassembly guide! I found a solution that does not require soldering or a heat gun, however. The clicking problem occurs when the thin metal dome underneath the red plastic cap on the switch flattens out. The switch works by the plastic cap pushing down on the dome until it clicks and flattens, resulting in the 3 contacts beneath the dome forming a connection which fires the mod, then it clicks and pops back into a dome shape when you let go of the button.

    So you only have to get a new switch, then swap out the dome and put the metal plate back on the red plastic cap and you’re done. I actually had a Predator 228 made by Wismec and of a similar design but with a broken 510 connection, so I opened it up and lo and behold the switches are nearly identical and the domes work perfectly. I think the button is actually clickier now than it was when I first got it.

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