Wismec Ravage 230 Issues & Review After Six Months Of Use


I’ve decided to share some Wismec Ravage 230 issues with you, so keep on reading if your Wismec Ravage 230 is having issues.

The device has been in use for about half of a year and i need to add that I really take care of my gadgets.

Wismec Ravage 230 Issues

Wismec Ravage 230 Issues And How To Fix Them (Video Below)

If your Wismec Ravage 230 is not turning on and it’s not working, even when you tried a bunch of batteries, you have nothing to worry, because you’ll probably just need to clean positive and negative pins inside of a device.

(See video below)

If you’re getting auto fire or you can’t fire you will solve this just by cleaning the button inside. You can also try this method, if you lost that click feel\sound from the fire button, but don’t expect much if anything.

Wismec Ravage 230 Cosmetic Issues

As I’ve stated earlier, I really do take good care of my gadgets. Just for better understanding, this mod had it’s own private soft pocket in my bag, which i carry around my neck and it still managed to end up looking like i’m carrying it in toolbox full of sandpaper…

Wismec Ravage 230 Issues

Wismec Ravage 230 Issues Video

It has flaws, yes, but still for this price you will get nice hardware with color display and very cool design. Also I’m interested, if some of you get same issues on newer HW Revisions, as i’m writing this for HW Rev 1.0.

Don’t forget to check this awesome firmware for Wismec Ravage 230 called RedPanda. → Click!


  1. Gedeon Duck says

    do you know where I could get replacement microswitches for the Ravage230 fire button?
    Thank you,

    1. judgecloud says

      I’ve tested some of the micro switches (few of them, were just bad) and finally made a post with needed info:
      Sorry for the long response.
      Thank you,
      Judge Cloud

  2. […] Wismec Ravage 230 Issues & Review After Six Months Of Use […]

  3. Gedeon Duck says

    I ordered the micro switches on aliexpress. I used a soldering iron. Works fine now. Thank You!

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